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We understand the challenges facing buyers in the Colorado Real Estate Market.  Let us help you find your next home.

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Your Home Buying Team

The first step is to start building your home buying team. Your team will consist of you, your real estate agent and your lender.  Having a strong team that you can trust is going to be crucial for a fun and successful real estate transaction.  The real estate broker you choose should be able to assist you in finding a trusted lender to work with if you don’t already have one.


Getting Pre-Approved

Now that you have found a lender that you like, the next step is to get pre-approved for a loan amount. Your lender will be able to guide you through this process and help you identify what price point is right for your budget.



You have performed all due diligence and made it through the contract period.  Time to go to the closing table and celebrate your new purchase. Your agent will set up a closing time and location and will make sure that all other parties involved (title company, lender, seller, listing agent) are prepared to close on the contracted date.


How Can We Help You?

WE CAN Help you define your goals and timelines.

WE CAN Educate you on the current market conditions and trends.

WE CAN Guide you to a home that fits your specific needs.

WE CAN Coordinate the transaction from start to finish to keep everything on track for closing.

WE CAN Negotiate for you.

WE CAN Recommend other professionals such as lenders, title companies, contractors and other agencies that may be involved in the transaction. 

WE CAN Make sure that deadlines are met and that all appropriate documents are correctly filled out, signed and recorded with the correct professionals.

WE CAN Problem solve throughout the transaction as issues arise. Often times in real estate transactions, unforeseen events and/or various negotiations require field tested problem solving techniques.


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